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Skylar Pant

Process & Materials

As champions of a bright future for the planet and the people who inhabit it, we actively work towards positive change.
From product origins to process and print to final stitch, we conscientiously select whom we work with, what we use and how we use it. Our partners share our standards. Our materials respect the land. And whenever possible we work with local manufacturers.

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Artisan Made

This design required next-level expertise, so we called upon the skilled hands and custom techniques of our global artisan partners.

Artist Collaboration

This print was created in partnership with a female artist whose vision and style inspired us.

Made in New York

This garment was knit or sewn in New York’s historic Garment District, home to heritage craftsmen and local manufacturers.

Sourced in the USA

In support of American manufacturing, this garment’s high-quality fabric or trims were obtained Stateside.


This forward-looking design employs environmentally conscious fabrics, materials or dying processes that minimize its impact.

Fall / Winter '18

Seasonal Inspiration

Sometimes, as they say, inspiration strikes like lightening. Other times it’s like the desert cold, gradually seeping in until you’re chilled to the bone. Our F/W'18 collection falls into the latter category. It's been percolating in our minds since an unconventional late-winter visit to New Mexico and finally came full circle this fall - and we can't wait to share it with you.

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