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Kaméa wearing the Tallulah Sweater.

You spend a lot of time engaging with socially and environmentally responsible brands, what's the most surprising thing you've learned from them?

The most surprising thing I've learned is how difficult it is to actually have your ideal vision of a brand come to reality. Every conscious company faces its own set of challenges and limitations beyond its control when trying to do things differently and better. Knowing this has helped me to really humanize these "companies" and appreciate every baby step being taken towards a healthier future.

Speaking of responsible brands, what are your three favorites (excluding where Mountains Meet, of course!)?

I hate picking favorites - there are so many fashion brands doing amazing things these days! If I had to choose, though, other than where Mountains Meet, I'd say...

Mara Hoffman // For their commitment to using eco textiles in their elegant and bold designs.

Reformation // For their skillful content and creative marketing skills, which has led them to become a favorite even among non-eco-conscious consumers.

Christy Dawn // For their dedication to using deadstock fabrics in almost all of their clothing.

Was there a defining moment that lead to your interest in a natural, eco-conscious lifestyle?

I don't think I had one lightbulb moment. My interest in eco-conscious living came about over my years of learning social psychology, preventative health care, environmental health, consumer marketing, our currently dirty and toxic fashion industry (which led me to question our overly complex supply chains and the questionable manufacturing processes of other consumer goods), and how all of these things relate to and impact our wellbeing.

After I connected the dots and saw how we cannot be healthy if our waters were polluted, our air was dirty, and our ecosystems weren't rich in biodiversity, I realized our conventional knowledge of "healthy living" was short-sighted. Now, to me, the concept of "wellness" inevitably includes the wellbeing of our natural ecosystems - while our planet can be healthy without us individually being healthy, we cannot individually be healthy without our planet being well.

Favorite go-to beverage? Favorite guilty pleasure snack?

Water and green tea! And, 90% dark chocolate.

One beauty product that always travels with you?

Shea Brand's original balm - I use this for soothing dry lips, for irritated skin, and for my eczema which comes and goes. It's hand-whipped by three incredible Co-founders in Brooklyn!

Mindfulness is a word that can mean many different things to many different people. What would your definition be?

Mindfulness, to me, means being fully present in the moment, paying attention on purpose to our actions, words, and thoughts - the opposite to being on autopilot, and the opposite to acting on impulse.

Cozy Textures.

We read in your book, Thrive, that 75% of all doctor visits today come from stress-related concerns. Having just completed our new collection, we know a thing or two about stress and were alarmed by that statistic. Do you have a favorite "get away from it all" retreat to destress?

Getaways for me have to involve nature, and I would be happy being anywhere immersed in the wilderness. One of my favorite memories appreciating nature is when I was in the Maldives for 5 days - it was so incredibly lush, and I experienced the richest, most colorful biodiversity underwater when I went snorkeling there.

Favorite travel read?

Hands down, "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari. I'm still not done, but it's already made me question everything I thought I knew to be "true" about the world. Thought provoking reads like this, rooted in extensive research and objective observations, are my favorites.


Three practical things we can do in our day-to-day lives to optimize our wellbeing...

Have your computer announce the time every half an hour to an hour so you don't lose track of time.

Sometimes, work can carry us away and result in us sitting in the same place for hours, inactive, without realizing it. Being reminded of time passing can help us to remember to take stretch breaks, realign our postures, rest our eyes, and take some deep breaths regularly throughout the day.

Keep a filled water bottle close to you 24-7.

Have a sip every half an hour or hour, even if you don't feel thirsty. This is such an underrated, simple health tip - dehydration can make us overeat unhealthy foods, feel fatigued and confused, and be unproductive from our brain and bodily cells not functioning optimally. So sometimes, all it takes for us to feel more energized and less stressed is to hydrate!

Every hour, take ten deep breaths and just focused on the flow of your breath going in and out of your body.

Stress often comes from worrying about uncertainties of the future. So a quick and simple way to feel less anxious is to focus fully and wholly on the certainties of this moment right now.

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