Fall / Winter '18

Seasonal Inspiration

Sometimes, as they say, inspiration strikes like lightening. Other times it’s like the desert cold, gradually seeping in until you’re chilled to the bone. Our F/W'18 collection falls into the latter category. It has been percolating in our minds and on our moodboard for a few years, since an unconventional late-winter visit to Santa Fe, Taos and Abiquiu that came full circle this season.

That original trip was triggered by two enduring obsessions: the desert landscapes and Georgia O’Keeffe.

The first is an innate fixation — we are constantly in awe of the subtle, quiet beauty that pervades the remote corners of the American Southwest. This time around, however, we were struck by how much the terrain changes in the winter. As snow contrasts the desert hues, they become deeper and richer. Together with low temperatures, the entire panorama transforms from hazy and sweltering to crisp and clear.

Plaza Blanca, New Mexico

F/W'18 Inspiration Board

El Santuario de Chimayó, New Mexico

The collection’s saturated palette reflects this shift. We considered exactly how the colors mutate and how limited daylight affects the vegetation and influences the shadows cast by the region’s rock formations.

Our second influence, Georgia O’Keeffe, is both a visual and philosophical inspiration. We love her work. She had a respect for nature that we admire and seek to emulate through our process and materials. And, as evidenced by her paintings — featuring the textures, colors and emotions of the harsh high-desert landscape — she was profoundly moved by New Mexico.

A shared inspiration.

Winter Cottonwoods East, Georgia O'Keeffe, 1954

The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, NM

Georgia O'Keeffe's Travel Box + Notes

Speaking of O’Keeffe’s wellspring of creativity… The principles and philosophies of Arthur Wesley Dow — which greatly shaped her path and promote art rooted in personal style, design and interpretation — underpin our seasonal prints. Created in collaboration with two female artists, each showcases an abstract interpretation of the nature we encountered, from its splintered ice to its barren branches.

Left: Winter Road I, Georgia O'Keeffe | Right: Transmission Series, Dan Holdsworth

Our artisan partners also evoked the dramatic environment. A handmade blockprint and handloomed tactile striped textile echo its graphic topography while original embroidery recalls the snowflakes in O’Keeffe’s “Black Door with Snow.”

Black Door with Snow, Georgia O'Keeffe, 1955

The kaleidoscope of these manifestations is a collection both familiar and novel, pairing classic shirting with contrasting buttons and sumptuous knitwear with an assortment of statement trousers, peppered with the occasional dress. They are clothes fit for the frontier, a Friday in Fort Green or wherever your inspiration takes you.

F/W'18 Collection

Film by Luca Venter

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